Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson
Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Daisypath - Anniversary

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bear World and Gardens with Crandall Cousins

We were lucky enough to have some of our cousins come to visit us while they were still in Idaho. We thought Bear World would be a hit with the kids and it was! Everyone seemed to love it and the kids had a lot of fun with everything! 

We drove around and saw the animals. We had a bear that wouldn't move out of the road and the worker had to drive over and tell me to go around the bear. I was kind of nervous that I would hit the bear, but it moved. We then went in to the petting zoo and carnival rides. 

Kayla and Caroline are so stinking cute together!


All the kids, big and small loved the animal fur that they were able to feel and explore.


Rose is such a little animal lover! She ran right out and started hugging the goat and even laid right down in its feeding trough!

All the kids got to feed the different animals. Nathan gave one of Santa's reindeer a little snack. :)

And then it kissed Jared's head!

We went out onto the river and they had a beautiful swan swimming around. We also got a pretty good view of the moose they have there. 


The rides were a lot of fun! 


Sara got pushed around by everyone but still had a smile. 

Baby Sara with the baby bears!

I think Tyson liked the choo choo train best. He kept trying to run right onto it every time we got off. 

The girls thought the chickens were pretty cool!


I think watching the baby bears play together is one of the best parts of Bear World

Rosie really did love the goats!

And Tyson really just loves throwing rocks everywhere we go. 

Kayla and Nathan couldn't agree about who should be pushing Sara, haha! That baby is popular!

Getting all the kids to smile for a picture is hard enough, but when they're sitting on a bear, it was almost impossible!

I can't get over these two!!

Kayla's first roller coaster ride was a success. She kept asking everyone if they were having fun during the ride as we spun around but towards the end, she was ready to be done. 

It was fun seeing the different kids' personalities and how they reacted to and interracted with the animals. 

These bear cubs were having quite a wrestle and it was adorable!


We drove around the park one more time and then all headed to Rexburg to have a quick lunch at McDonalds. Caroline was great to share her parfait with Kayla. :)

We then had Wyatt and Rosie for the rest of the day while Rebecca spent time with a friend. They came to support Kayla at her last soccer game and then we went to Chick Fil A for cow appreciation day and got free lunch. 


Brett cut out pictures from his cow calendar and taped them on the kids and we all mooed! Haha! The Chick Fil A is on campus and with four tired kids under four years old, we were quite the sight. It was an adventure and I have so much respect for parents of multiples! I couldn't do it. The kids had a lot of fun playing together though. 

The next week, Rachel and her family came up for an afternoon. We took them to the Gardens on campus and out for dinner and dessert. It was fun showing them around our favorite places! We all squeezed in the van!

Brett gave us a tour of some of the buildings on campus. 

We love this little town of ours and sure love showing off a few of the wonderful things about living here to our cousins! Kayla kept asking if they were going to spend the night with us!

All six kids happily agreed to smile and demonstrate their happiness for yet another photo! Haha! Yeah, Jake and Tyson were done. :)

We got gelaties at our favorite little shop, the SodaVine and everyone was impressed! Elizabeth really enjoyed the huckleberry flavor and I was sure proud, haha! 

We really love spending so much time with family. We're grateful to live where we get to see everyone more often and I love seeing the kids develop relationships with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Family really is everything, and we definitely have a wonderful one!