Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson
Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Joy!

Easter is such a sweet holiday. The beginning of spring, flowers, warmth, and the end of winter are all so perfectly timed with Easter. The hope offered to us through the Atonement and Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ allow us to feel the joy of starting fresh. I'm so thankful to have a personal testimony of the Gospel and all the joy that accompanies it.
Children bring such an exciting element to every holiday and Easter in no exception. For FHE before Easter, we died Easter eggs and talked about what Easter really is about. I love that Kayla is getting old enough to grasp the deeper meaning to things and it brings me a lot of satisfaction to watch her own little testimony bud and grow.

On Saturday, we headed to Porter Park for the city Easter Egg hunt. The kids had a lot of fun even though it only lasted about five minutes. Tyson even dove right in and got those eggs!

We came home and while the kids took their naps, the Easter Bunny hopped on by our house, leaving goodies and eggs for the kids! We appreciated that he came a little early so that our Sunday could be all about the Savior. The kids woke up to not only their Easter loot, but Grandpa Kelly, Aunt Haley, and Uncle Jon! They all got to help out with the egg hunt we had here at home. We didn't get a photo of the baskets before they kids went through them, but Kayla got a kid cleaning kit, chapsticks, an Easter book, and lots of candy. Tyson also got his fair share of candy along with an Easter book, bubbles, and a Mickey Mouse backpack. They both seem pretty happy with their new treasures. 


Grandpa brough silly string and we had some fun with it in the front yard after the eggs. Kayla loved it. Tyson didn't know what to think!

I also was so happy to be able to attend the Women's broadcast with Haley. I've loved attending the Women's Conferences in the past with friends, but it was so special to be with my sister. We attended at the BYU-I center and it was such a wonderful evening! I'm just sad we didn't get a picture taken with everyone!

Kayla learned the art of making egg salad sandwiches. She had fun making it but took one bite and pushed her plate across the table and asked for peanut butter - haha!

We took a few family photos after church. I had to bribe Kayla with a piece of her candy to smile for the photos. She's been a bit of a stinker lately. 

Grandma Betsy got Kayla this pretty spring dress and Kayla loved it!

I sure love this lady of mine! 

Tyson didn't quite understand the candy bribe so he wasn't nearly as cooperative for the pictures. 

Kayla especially loved the bubbles! She'd be outside blowing bubbles all day long if we'd let her!

It was a fun and peaceful holiday! I'm so thankful for all that Easter truly means. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Rebecca, Wyatt and Rosie came to town!

 In February, Rebecca, Wyatt and Rosie came to Idaho and we all loved it! Kayla loves Wyatt! She talks about him all the time and I love their little relationship. We spent the first weekend all together in Poky. We attempted a slumber party for the toddlers in the teepee in the playroom. It started off well but both kids ended up in bed with their perspective parents before too long. 

On Saturday, we took Wyatt, Kayla and Tyson to the indoor pool at Lava Hot Springs. We didn't get any photos at the pool, but these faces show the excitement and fun that was had by all. 

This picture makes me laugh. Brett was helping RaeJean with something on her phone, but it looked like they were all snuggled up together. :)

Tyson was teaching Grandpa Tom how to put puzzles together. :)

On Monday, Rebecca brought the kids to Rexburg to meet up with a friend and we all got to hang out some more. Kayla was basically in heaven having them here. 


On Thursday night, we loaded up the van, picked up Rebecca and the kids in Idaho Falls and all headed off to Grandpa's cabin in Sun Valley for a long weekend of snow fun! The kids wasted no time getting into the fun together. We met up with Brett's Uncle Gordon, Aunt Sally, cousin Ashley and her family, and Grandpa Nip. 


Since I don't ski, I ended up staying with the kids with one another adult both days while everyone else went skiing. The cabin is not child proof and there are LOTS of things for the kids to get into. The ratio of child to adult was also not in our favor! I'm just happy all the kids are alive! 

At one point, one of the kids dumped out seven different puzzles into one pile. Two of them were 1000 pieces! I think the kids had a lot of fun playing with cousins all day for several days in a row, barring the expected spats and fights. Tyson came out of the weekend learning the word, "MINE!" because that was said a lot by the toddlers. :)

When everyone got back from skiing, we took the kids outside to go sledding. It was a lot of fun and there were a ton of snow!

I seriously love these two!

It was Brett's birthday on Saturday. He had a perfect ski day with his family and seemed to have an amazing time. Grandpa is almost 90 years old and was still hitting the slopes. I think I need to learn how to ski!


The night of Brett's birthday, Uncle Gordon set off lanterns like in Tangled, as the kids put it. It was really cool!


We also got a cake from BYU-Idaho and it was amazing. I'm glad there were so many people to share it with because it was so rich!

Sunday was Valentine's Day. We all dressed in pink and red. :) We went to church and then spent the rest of the day hanging out. Brett got me a gorgeous locket necklace with our anniversary and B+H engraved inside. He's a keeper! 

The kids all looked pretty darn cute too in their festive Sunday best and we had to take pictures!

The sun was shining and it was actually pretty warm so get past the kids' cabin fever, we went on an awesome walk. We all also got a really good nap. Top that off with delicious food and it was a pretty perfect Valentine's Day Sunday. :)

We finally got to build a snowman! All winter, the snow has been too dry, but Brett worked his magic and the kids were so happy!

Kayla sure loves Rosie!

On Monday before we left, Brett and I went cross country skiing, which I really enjoy, but it had been warm enough that it got really icy and it was kind of treacherous. At one point, we both went flying down a hill! Brett crashed face first but hopped up quickly enough to get a photo of me stuck in the snow with my skies in the air!


We had a great trip and a lot of fun with everyone. I loved the chance to get to know Gordon, Sally, Nate and Ashley all better. I'm so grateful that we live close enough to have so much family time! Life is good!