Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson
Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Family Photos!

While we were in Sun Valley, we had some family photos taken with Brett's entire family. We took the big group shots with a tripod and a timer. It was interesting. We probably should have had someone at least come by to click the button rather than use a timer, but they turned out really great considering! We had some individual family photos taken by a family member that lived in Sun Valley the next night. I also took some photos of all the Crandall siblings. Last but not least, my best friend took a few photos of Kayla in Salt Lake. She then edited all of the other family photos to brighten and sharpen them up. Enjoy!

These photos were taken by Melissa Humble. She did our wedding, engagement, and some family photos for us. She's great, not to mention my best friend since childhood! Check out her website!

The Crandall kids outside the cabin.

Haha! They made Brett pose like that. His face says it all! :)

We were trying to include Baldy Mountain in the picture.

 I decided to include a few of my favorite family shots we took throughout the vacation. I sure love my little family!

4th of July

Red Fish Lake

Baker's Lake Hike

Idaho Falls Temple, where we were married 2 years ago

The Falls in Idaho Falls

I sure love this man! Can't imagine life without him!!
Next time we'll have to have family photos taken with my side of the family! :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Crandall Family Reunion in Sun Valley

So, after we spent a few days in Idaho over the 4th of July, we headed to beautiful Sun Valley! Brett's Grandpa owns a cabin there and we were all able to be there! It was so fun being with the whole family! Watching all the kids and babies play together was adorable. We ate delicious food, of course, and enjoyed the beauty of Idaho. Here are a few highlighted moments. :)

On our way from Soda Springs, Kayla got hungry, so we pulled over in this beautiful overlook to feed her. The sunset was beautiful, as always, so we snapped some photos. It was pretty crazy weather when we left Soda, with tornado warnings for Grace, but as soon as we hit Fish Creek, the storm ended. 

This little cheeser loves her Papi!
 We went to Red Fish Lake the 1st morning. We got up at 7:00 and hit the road. I thought it was a bit early, but it ended up being a good thing we got there when we did. It was so crowded later on and we had an awesome spot on the beach. I LOVE Red Fish Lake. Its so beautiful and right up against the mountains. We rented some kayaks and canoes and took some trips around the lake. It was so wonderful to be out enjoying nature! I really miss the dry heat. It was so nice to stand in the shade and get relief from the heat, unlike in South Texas. We spent a lot of time outside on this trip. 
Four little babies at the beach!

Kayla and Wyatt - he used to be twice her size :)

Wyatt seems frustrated over something but Kayla was right there to comfort him.

Kayla's first time in a canoe! No, we didn't take her in it. I thought we better wait til she's a bit older. She stayed back while Brett and I went out for a trip around the lake.

We took a little walk around the lake to explore. I can't get enough of the mountains!

Here's part of our little group enjoying the day and relaxing!

All the ladies with our babies! 
The scenic overlook on the way back to Sun Valley. We were driving through the tallest mountain ranges in Idaho.

Kayla loves her Aunt Rebecca!

 Kayla loved all of the kids! She'd see them playing and reach down to join them. The boys would play peek a boo and she laughed so hard! The girls carried her around and she just loved being with them. When the other babies would start crawling, I swear she was watching them trying to figure it out. If she could get close enough to the other babies, she would reach out and touch them, whether it was welcome or not. :)
Alex, Dallin, and Kayla

Beautiful Elizabeth and Kayla

Sweet Paige and Kayla
 On Sunday afternoon, we took the kids down for a little nature walk. We found a nice stream and the kids had a blast throwing rocks into the water. The trail was a bit rough for strollers and we had a near loss of Paige's shoes in the stream, but otherwise it was a perfect afternoon. :) Again, I couldn't get enough of just being outside!

I LOVE this face! She's so adorable!

Brett being funny and imitating Kayla chewing on her fist.

My two favorite people!

Robbie thought he'd show off his strength by throwing the biggest rock he could lift! It was pretty awesome.

The girls with the daddies!

Kayla loved the water!

We spent some time wandering around the Sun Valley Resort on Monday. It was fun going through the shops and just enjoying being all together. 

Kayla and the Sun Valley SUN

Haha! This face is hilarious! She looks like she's pretending to be a monster!

We took a picture of the tan line Kayla got in her fat rolls on her wrists. :)

Jared, Kayla, Brett and Caroline enjoying the grass! I miss having grass that you can sit on.

 Kayla and Caroline had the same cute dress so we took some photos! They are both such cuties!!

Kayla's got Caroline's back. That's what cousins are for!

Caroline thought she'd give Kayla her finger to chew on to help with her teething :)
All the boys heading out for a morning bike ride! Brett and I also went on a nice bike ride. There are awesome bike trails all over Sun Valley and Ketchum!

Playing with Kayla at the splash pad! She always loves any water.

Kayla loved Elizabeth!
Paige is going to be such a great little mommy! Not many people can get Kayla to sleep like this besides me!
The tandem bike! It was a bit blurry because Isaac and Rebecca were so speedy. :)

Brett driving the boys around in the galaxy!
Every evening after we put the kids to bed, all the adults played games. There was never a dull, or a quiet, moment! Good times!

Out on the front porch of the cabin. 

The 3 Girlies! Kayla, Carly, and Caroline. I love how Kayla is snuggled up against the boppy.

The 5 babies! Wyatt - 10 mos., Kayla - 6 mos., Carly - 5 wks., Caroline - 11 months, and Jake, 13 months.
 On Tuesday, we took a hike to Baker's Lake. It took quite the drive on a dirt road to find the trail head, but it was an awesome hike! We went up with Rachel, Dallin, and Elizabeth. Brett carried Kayla for most of the way up, but she got tired and wouldn't go to sleep unless I carried her. I now know what it would feel like to hike pregnant, no thank you! Good thing Brett was there to carry her most of the way. It was about 2.5 miles each way and so beautiful! The lake at the end of the trail was crystal clear and you could see clear to the bottom. I love hiking! Its such a rewarding activity. I love the burn you feel and there is almost always a spectacular view at the end. I really do miss being able to go on hikes. Maybe the next place we live will be more mountainous.
Elizabeth, Me, Dallin, Kayla, and Brett

Our little family on the hike.
Here's our little hiking crew!

My sleeping baby! Check out that lake!

Dallin and Nathan, who joined us on the way back down when we passed Meri and Nick. 

Brett holding little Carly

This was back at Grandma Jean's house. We laughed because Kayla so perfectly matched the bedding! So of course, we took some photos!

We got to visit with Grandpa Nip and Kayla got to meet her Great Grandpa! He's so good to us and always entertaining to visit with. Here's 4 Generations!

Grandpa, Kayla and Brett
I LOVE IDAHO! Nothing beats the sun setting over the mountains.

We had such a great time and can't wait until we can all get together again, whenever that will be. Brett's family is spreading out more and more so any time we can spend together as a family is to be treasured!