Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson
Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Third Trimester!

I've been wanting to document this pregnancy better than I did with Kayla and decided to do it here. I'm 34.5 weeks along now and am feeling like I'm on the home stretch. Now that its September, I feel much more hopeful saying that the baby is coming 'next month' when people ask me when I'm due, even its not until the latter end of the month. My official due date is October 23.

32.5 weeks

People in the valley love pregnant women. I have only been pregnant here, so I don't know if this is the case everywhere or not. Now that I'm really showing very obviously, I'll pass people in the hall at work that I don't know who will smile and point to my belly and give a little cheer. Random strangers will always reach out and touch my belly, which doesn't really bother me, although I feel a bit like Buddha. :) It just cracks me up the reactions I've been getting the last few weeks. Its mostly at work since my scrubs have probably concealed my bump more than other clothes. Now all those who wondered if I was just getting chubby are confident there's a baby in there and they all flash me big smiles of congratulations all over the hospital.

I've been feeling pretty good the entire pregnancy and up until these past couple weeks haven't had any complaints. I still don't really except that I've gotten really tired again. I feel like I could nap everyday with Kayla and often do if I'm not working. I don't remember being this tired with Kayla, but that's why I want to document better for future comparisons/reference. It could be more tiring chasing around a toddler but I feel like I'm sleeping a lot! I really appreciate Brett who has been letting me sleep in most days.

Overall, this pregnancy is probably less symptomatic than my first. With Kayla, I had awful swelling and severe carpal tunnel for most of the second half of the pregnancy. I haven't had either with this baby. I also feel like I'm carrying more out in front and have gained less weight so far. That being said, I still feel huge. It didn't help when the ultrasound tech told me I was measuring 2.5 weeks early. She seemed concerned enough that she was sure I'd get another ultrasound to be sure the baby doesn't get too big. When I asked the doctor at my appt., he didn't seem concerned. Kayla was over 9 lbs and I had no complications so maybe that's why he isn't worried. Either way, I'm really hoping this little guy decides to join us before the due date, rather than after. :) Wishful thinking? Maybe. Probably.

I feel less emotional this time around, although the other day, I had a pretty rough day involving crying over pizza dough that wouldn't roll out well. Brett, in an effort to comfort me, told me he didn't love the dough recipe anyway, which made me so sad that I've been using a recipe he didn't like for 3 years. Oh boy, aren't hormones fun! That day, I felt awful physically and couldn't imagine being pregnant for 7 more weeks. A little later on, I realized that both Brett and I were having body aches and a slight fever. We went to bed early and both felt much better the next day. I actually was relieved that I had a reason for feeling so crappy, even if it was some bug. At least it wasn't my body giving up on pregnancy early.

This baby, or baby brother as we refer to him, has been so much more active than Kayla ever was in utero. I feel him moving almost constantly it seems. Even my OB has joked that I'll have my hands full when he's born, he's such a mover. While that thought makes me a little nervous, I wouldn't trade this healthy baby's movements for anything. I really try not to complain about pregnancy. I don't ever want to take for granted the blessing it is to be able to get pregnant, let alone have such easy pregnancies. So many wonderful couples don't have that opportunity and I always try to remember that. I'm also thankful that he's so healthy so far. I see so many sick babies and children at work and each time, I'm reminded how blessed I am!

The other day actually, Kayla was being stubborn and whining a LOT. Brett and I were both getting frustrated and realized that the terrible twos are upon us. That afternoon, I went to work and saw a child that will never talk or walk and has multiple long-term health problems. I was immediately humbled, watching his mother take care of him. Kayla may whine, but she also runs up, hugs me and says, "Mama" in the sweetest voice I could imagine. She may make messes, but she has a healthy body that lets her dump her blocks out, throw books around, and lose things in the house. She may hollar when she doesn't get her way, but her mind is developing language skills that make me proud. I made a goal that day to always remember how blessed we really are to have a happy, healthy toddler, even if she does try our patience as parents.

I've been trying to maintain a workout but since we don't have a gym membership this time, it isn't as consistent. I work out at home 3-4 times a week and was walking a lot early on. Its been so blazing hot though that the thought of going for a walk at any time of day or night is quite awful. I'll be so happy to see this summer end. Summer in South Texas plus pregnancy is quite a tough combination. Poor Kayla loves being outside, but I don't have it in me to take her out in this heat at all. September has already brought relief and it can only get better from here, heat wise! I've never been happier to seen rainy days in all my life!

34.5 weeks
I'm so excited and, dare I say terrified to see Kayla as a big sister. She says 'baby brother' all the time and knows the spare bedroom is for him and that the boy clothes Grandma Jean sent are for him. She loves babies, pointing them out everywhere we go. I have no doubt she'll love this baby to pieces, but she's a little rough and has developed a bit of a hitting habit (probably from nursery). We'll have to work with her to be soft with the new baby. I'm also interested and sad to see her have to share me. That may sound dumb, but sometimes I get emotional thinking about how my time alone with her is coming to an end. She and I are tight and I love it! I know that won't change completely, but my attention to her will not be the same. She's seen me holding other kids at church or with friends the past few weeks, and every time, she panics, drops what she's doing and insists I hold her. Oy! Good thing we will have grandmas and grandpas here visiting for awhile to help keep Kayla happy while I take care of the baby. I know every oldest child goes through this and that she'll be fine, but I pray I can meet her needs and the babies needs and not lose my sanity. :)

We're so excited to meet our little boy and officially welcome him to our family! We're feeling very blessed and couldn't be happier!
Here's my totally awesome belly at 34 weeks.
We love chaperoning youth dances! :)