Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson
Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tyson 12 Months!!

Tyson day 1
Tyson 12 Months
Oh my heck! I can't believe this precious baby of mine is a year old already!! I wonder if this is typical, but thinking about his birthday makes me relive his birth, which was pretty darn awful there at the end! Haha! Good thing he's so cute and sweet and happy! It makes it all worth it. Here's a link to that blog post.  

Tyson is one happy kid! He's walking everywhere, falling down and getting right back up, He's even tried going down the stairs a few times! He can say a few words - mama, go go go, uh-oh, and nana (banana). He loves to wave hello and goodbye and recently started blowing kisses. He has 7 teeth, four on top and three on bottom. 

He is a mama's boy and for the longest time, we would only go to sleep if I put him down. He's taking two naps a day, about two hours each, and sleeps for 11-12 hours at night. We had a rough patch with his sleep habits due to teething and our crazy roadtrip/sleeping arrangements, but we seem to be back on track now. He loves cuddling with mom right before he goes to sleep but otherwise would always rather be down exploring and causing trouble!


Tyson LOVES to eat!! He will eat anything that we put in front of him, but is getting pickier about baby food. He doesn't like to be fed and prefers to just be able to feed himself. His favorite foods are probably bananas. His favorite veggie is carrots. Like I said, their isn't much of anything he won't eat. And he will eat as long as we feed him. Sometimes, he'll throw up a little after a meal if he eats too much. I have a hard time guageing how much to feed him. He's still nursing three-four times a day and I'm thinking about weaning him, but he really loves nursing and I'm in no hurry.

Tyson is much more adventurous and daring than Kayla ever was. He leaps off of stairs and throws himself onto things. Just the other day at the pumpkin patch, I set him on the pumpkin cart and he dove off, scraping his nose up quite a bit. I felt awful. He loves the playground and would swing all day if I let him. Kayla wouldn't even try the swings for the first two years of her life! 

I love how content he is to play most of the time. Kayla, being the two year old that she is, often needs my attention and Tyson will just happily play on the floor with whatever toys are available. Since he's walking now, he loves toddling around, picking up what he can and makes laps around the kitchen. It also makes me feel bad that he doesn't get the attention that Kayla did as a baby, but I guess that's the curse with a second child. He never cares what's on TV, whereas Kayla always seemed interested and would watch the screen if it was on.


Kayla and Tyson usually nap at the same time every afternoon, but on the days they don't, I love spening one on one time with my little guy. And I can tell he loves it too. He loves playing with any toys that we have but doesn't love being read to as much as Kayla did. He's too on-the-go to hold still long enough to read a book. 

Every time I put him down, I hum the song from Mary Poppins "Stay Awake" and its like his cue now to go to sleep. 

Tyson loves Kayla and the other day he walked up to her and gave her a big hug. She thought he was attacking her and pushed him away after a second, but for a brief moment, it warmed my heart. :) He also loves blowing kisses and giving big open mouth kisses on the cheek!

He loves being outside and I'm so glad we can just hang out in our yard anytime we want to right now! The weather is amazing and the grass is so soft. He's so happy to be outside or at the park. He also loves going on walks. He now sits in the front of the double stroller and bounces up and down as we walk! 


Lately when Tyson is walking around, he will chuckle to himself. He's just so content most of the time! I love hearing him laugh more because for the first 9 months of his life, he didn't laugh hardly at all. He's also becoming a bit of a tease. He likes to bug Kayla and get a reaction out of her! That's not going to be fun to deal with. 

We sure love having this little boy in our family! He's taught us all a lot and brought more love into our home. I'm excited to see him grow and develop his personality more and more. Happy Birthday Tyson!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Our Journey to Idahome

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind! Here we are in Idaho and loving it! But lets rewind and recap, shall we?

On Monday, October 5, the movers let us know they were going to pack and load all our stuff the next day, when the original plan had been to do it over two days, allowing us to stay one more night in the house. I was suddenly overwhelmed with the knowledge that it was the last night in the house that I loved so dearly! When we got the new, Chelsea was over and she saved us by offering to let us stay at her house on Tuesday night before we headed out Wednesday morning. 

Early Tuesday morning, the movers arrived. Its sort of strange having strangers go through and pack all of your personal belongings. I also felt awkward just sitting there while they worked. I loaded up the kids and we went to one last story time. I will forever love the Edinburg library. Their story time is wonderful and we miss it. I then took Kayla over to Amber's house for the day and picked up pizza for the moving crew.

When the house was all packed, I made a run through to clean it up quickly and then all of a sudden, we were all loaded up in the car and leaving our house for the last time. Cassie came by to say goodbye and that got me going a little bit and saying goodbye to the house and reliving all the special memories we made there. 


We had delicious dinner at the Bray's and stayed the night at the Skidmores. We got up early the next morning and headed off, but not before getting our beloved Stripes breakfast tacos one last time! 

We drove the 10 hours to Lubbock and stayed a few days with Rebecca, Wyatt and Rosie. We had an awesome time with all of them. Rebecca and I stayed up talking late a few nights and it was confirmed to me how much I love her! We get along so well and can talk about anything. I'm so blessed to have her as my sister in law! The kids also had a great time playing, dancing, laughing, and singing together. 

We took the kids to the science center and they had a great time exploring all they had to offer. 




The last night we were in Lubbock, we took an unexpected trip to the Urgent Care for me. I had a fever for a couple days and was feeling awful, worse than I had felt in years. Brett had been diagnosed with pneumonia a few days before we left and I was worried I had gotten it as well. Since our insurance ran out that day, we headed in and the clinic didn't have an x-ray machine, but the PA was confident I had pneumonia as well. I got a few shots and a prescription and was feeling better by the next day, thankfully. (Although my cough is still here 1.5 weeks later and now getting worse).

On Sunday after church, we drove from Lubbock to Colorado Springs, where we were staying a couple days with Melissa and Alan. One little challenge we had on the drive was after we stopped for lunch. We had sandwiches at a park and then pused the kids on the swings for awhile. We soon got back on the road and after twenty minutes, Kayla said her tummy hurt. I turned around to look at her in time to see her vomit all over herself. It was the first time she'd ever thrown up and it was so sad (and stinky!) We pulled her over and got her all cleaned up an she immediately said she was hungry. I figured it must have been the swings. She's been fine since then.

It was so fun being able to catch up with Alan and Melissa! Melissa has been my best friend since we were little tikes and has been through almost everything with me! We were also able to see a lot of her family while we there. Kayla had a blast playing with Melissa's nieces and nephews. 

She took us to Garden of the Gods and it was one of the coolest places I've ever been in my life!! The weather was perfect and it was so much fun wandering around and exploring!




On Tuesday morning, we got up early and headed to Idaho! It was a long drive that got pretty ugly the second we hit the Wyoming border, but we made it to my mom's house and had a great visit! It was short and I forgot to take any pics, but we'll be back soon! Hooray for being close to family again!

We stopped in Pocatello for a day and saw Tom, Haley, Jon, Dad and Sheryl. We had a good time visiting everyone and again, I was so happy to know we were going to be close to family!! 

Thursday morning, we left at 6:30 from Dad's house to make it to Rexburg on time. The moving truck arrived the same time and they unloaded all our stuff. My good friend Michelle offered to watch Kayla for the day, which was a huge help! We also live right across from my good friend and old roommate Jackie! We got almost completely unpacked in a couple days and I love our new place! I'll post pics of it in another post. We're so excited to be starting our new adventure in Rexburg!!