Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson
Brett, Heather, Kayla, and Tyson

Friday, May 15, 2015

Tyson 6 Months

This post is a little late since Tyson is now almost 7 months! Its definitely more of a challenge to keep up on blogging with two kids. I can only imagine how much harder it will get as our family continues to grow and get busier. But I had to share some of my favorite photos of our little guy and document some of his milestones. 

Tyson actually turned 6 months old while we were in Idaho on the day of our car accident. It was memorable for sure! When we came home, we had his 6 month checkup. I didn't get his height written down, but we went from 95% to 75% in height. He weighs in at 21.5 lbs, which is in the 95%. He used to be off the charts! :) He's two pounds more than Kayla was at a year and almost as tall. He'll be bigger than her before we know it!


He's been such a good baby from the beginning. He has been sleeping 8-10 hours a night since he was 2 months old. Around 4 months, we started waking up. I figured he was teething, but nothing has popped up yet. Vacation threw off his schedule a bit, but he's now back to sleeping through the night, usually 9-11 hours each night. Occasionally he'll wake up fussing, but if I go in and give him a binky, he goes right back to sleep. 


He's a strong kid and is getting around pretty well. He's growing fast and is already in 9-12 month clothes. He's starting to lose some rolls but is really long. He's very quick to smile and spreads happiness everywhere we go. 

His bright blue eyes and blonde hair draws a lot of attention down here. He is constantly getting touched by strangers who can't seem to get enough of his cute face. I can't blame them! 


While home, Tyson got to spend quality time with all of our family. I really wish we had family closer so they could all see him grow and change, but FaceTime has helped a lot. 


He's a very vocal baby! He will squeal a lot and its very high-pitched. Kayla will say, "Don't scream, Tyson!" He is generally content, unless we leave him all alone in a room. He lets us know pretty quick that he would rather have some company. 


He loves his big sister. These two are like peas in a pod.....most of the time. He is also getting vocal with her. If she gets too rough with him, he's starting to get a little more expressive and let her know he doesn't like it. That being said, if she's around, he can hardly keep his eyes off of her. 



After we got home, we started him on food. He was probably ready much sooner, but I wasn't and with our vacation, I didn't want the hassle. He's been a pro eater though, surprise surprise! He's loved pretty much everything he's had so far. If we slow down the pace, he'll reach out to grab the spoon to feed himself. 

Tyson is now taking big boy baths with Kayla and he LOVES it! He splashes a LOT and has a blast with the bath toys. Its so fun to see the kids playing together and having fun together. 

Tyson is babbling more and more. He now says 'mamama' a lot and makes the 'hi' sound. I don't think it means much except that he gets a good reaction from us when he makes those sounds. It does melt my heart though! 


I really just love his smiles! Tyson has finally slowed down on the spitting up front. Its more of a rare occasion, though its probably due to eating more solid foods. 

I snapped the photo below with a framed photo of Kayla at the same age. I wanted the comparison and I think you can definitely tell they are siblings. They look even more alike than I originally remembered. 


One of the things I asked Brett was for new photos of the kids. We took them out and snapped some photos ourselves and edited them. We got some really cute ones! Tyson is really getting cuter and cuter everyday!



Tyson is getting closer to crawling. He can almost move from his tummy to sitting back up. He gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth. He can get anywhere he wants to go now by rolling into the opposite direction and scooting backwards. 


He loves his momma and will reach for me if strangers are holding him. He is still happy though and will usually be content just getting attention. We sure love this little guy of ours and feel so blessed to have his sweet, fun personality as part of our forever family!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Temple Square

Springtime in Idaho and Utah can be breathtaking, especially with all the flowers in bloom! My mom drove us down to Salt Lake City, where we were flying out to come home. We realized that we have't ever taken Kayla to Temple Square in downtown SLC. We planned to meet up with a few more friends in Salt Lake and decided to meet everyone there and enjoy the beauty and the Spirit that Temple Square has to offer. 

We started off at the City Creek mall and Kayla had fun enjoying the little fish ponds. Grandma Betsy was wonderful to follow her around and help her explore. We met up with Brett's cousin Camille and her two adorable kiddos, Luke and Ruby.


We really love cousin time! And these cuties had a blast hanging out together. Kayla was slightly enamored with Luke! She watched his every move and just thought he was the coolest thing around!  


Kayla is in love with all things Princess. Temples are a perfect place for her! Princesses, aka brides, are everywhere and the atmosphere is simply magical for Kayla!


I also couldn't get over the flowers! Temple Square is actually quite well-known for the beautiful landscaping and this trip definitely lived up to the reputation. The beautiful flowers with the Temple in the background were perfect!

There were tulips everywhere! They were breathtaking! Tulips are kind of a joke for Brett and I because while we were dating, we visited the Logan Temple. They had tulips that weren't as impressive. I think tulips can be pretty but would never choose them for a bouquet. I took that opportunity years ago to let Brett know that. His response was, "Well fine, I'll never take you to Holland." Uh, what!? Haha! We joke about that whenever we see tulips now. :)


There was a big beautiful tree with a bench, so we snapped a family photo. One of the things I miss about home is the giant trees everywhere. We don't have many large trees down here, except for palm trees of course. 


I love this man! 

The Christus statue is one of the most impressive sights at Temple Square. As we walked up to where the statue was, Kayla got so excited! The Spirit that resides in the room there is powerful and reverent. 



We also met up with our good friends the Jenkins! They lived in our ward down here in the Valley and have since moved back home to Utah. we loved catching up with them, and Kayla was so excited to see her first friend, Clayton.


We all had lunch together back at the mall while the kids played in a great little play area. It was really fun to sit and catch up with everyone!


When we flew out, we had lots of delays and sat on the plane for an extra hour or so. We were really lucky not to miss our connecting flight, since it was also delayed a couple hours. We were tired and stressed and definitely ready to get home. The kids did alright for traveling so late but it was a rough night. We were really relieved to finally get home, but are already missing so many of our family and friends.